Mr. Ron Oyler

  • B.S. Technology Education
  • M.S. Educational Leadership

Pittsburg State University


Social Sciences

Mrs. Amanda Rains

  • B.A. in Social Sciences/Secondary Education/Benedictine College
  • M.S. in Administration/Pittsburg State University


Charter Academy Director/ Language Arts

Mrs. Whitney Thompson – 

  • B.A. in Secondary English Ed/Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • M.A.Ed. in Education/Baker University
  • M.A. Special Education/Fort Hays State University


Mr. Josh Kristalyn

  • B.S. in Science/ Pittsburg State University

Director of Online Courses

Mrs. Jennifer Rigdon

  • B.A. in Health and Fitness/Ottawa University
  • M.S. Ed. in Sports Administration/University of Kansas